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The Moravian Karst is one of the most important karst areas of Central Europe. There are more than 1100 caves in the area and five of them are open to public.

You can cruise the underground Punkva river in the Punkva cave and see the bottom of the famous Macocha Abbys, the Kateřina cave, Balcarka, Sloupsko-šošůvské caves and Výpustek.


The town of Kutná hora is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Because of its silver mines it belonged to one of the most significant Czech towns in the Middle Ages.
The town is deservedly attributed the other name of “ the national treasury“ and its wealth helped to ensure the boom of the Czech Kingdom. You can find here a variety of architectural styles and unique buildings from different historical periods.


The castle was founded in 1348 as the private residence of Charles IV, the King of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Emperor.

At the present the Karlštejn Castle belongs to one of the most visited castles of the Czech Republic.


The town of Karlovy Vary is one of the most famous spa towns in our country. The local thermal healing springs have been helping treat various medical problems for 650 years.

It is famous not only for its unique spa treatments but also for its magnificent architecture and many interesting places of interest.

You can admire colonnades, beautiful parks, secession houses or the views over the town. The town is internationally known for its International Film Festival which takes place here every year.


Following the town of Karlovy Vary, it is the second largest spa town of our country.
You will admire not only typical spa houses, hotels and colonnades but also museums, statues, parks and landscaped walking trails.
One of the most dominant features is the Singing Fountain located in front of the main colonnade where the music is accompanied by magnificent lights in the evening.


The national cultural monument of Terezín is a place reminding us of a sad and difficult period in our history. The monument of Terezín was established in the place of tens of thousands of people suffering. It is a unique institution of its kind in the Czech Republic.  Around 34 000 people died of hunger and diseases in Terezín.


Český Krumlov is a renaissance pearl located in the south of Bohemia close to the Austrian border.
The town was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1992.
Český Krumlov is a town of culture, art, unique historical sights and unrepeatable atmosphere.
Crooked lanes, romantic nooks, world artists’ exhibitions, music festivals, tourists from all over the world…that´s Český Krumlov.


The metropolis of the South Bohemia offers many places of interest.

The original world famous Budweiser premium lager known by beer lovers all over the world is made here.


The Červená Lhota water chateau belongs to the most beautiful sights. The National Heritage Institute has named it as one of the top three most magnificent chateaus and castles in the Czech Republic.


The Hluboká nad Vltavou chateau is due to its extent, character and a its large park a significant romantic area in the European and world context.


Thanks to its untouched nature South Bohemia belongs to one of the most visited areas of the Czech Republic. In the Bohemian Forest and the Lipno Lake area there are perfect conditions for hiking cycling, mushroom picking, sports or relaxation in nature.


The town is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.
Whoever visits the world famous Mozart´s town, remains fascinated forever.

There are many places in the heart of Mozart´s town that can enamour every visitor, e.g. museums, charming little shops with traditional products, amazing restaurants or cafés.
Salzburg organizes one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.


The area including this romantic village is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.
The visitors are welcomed by pretty little streets with houses grown-over by roses and climbing trees.

Surrounded by mountains, it is a paradise not only for lovers but also for all active tourists.

Hallstatt is very famous for salt mining. There are the oldest European salt mines above the town. They have been reconstructed and are open to the public. They can be reached by a footpath leading straight from the town which takes about one hour. You can also get there a faster way and use the Salzberg-Seilbahn cablecar. There are many hiking trails in the area as well.


The salt mines offer an interesting experience…dress up in overalls and get on a mini-train that will take you to the underground.  The tour takes about one hour and includes holographic projections, two slides and a cruise on the underground lake.


The journey begins with a ship cruise across the Königsee lake to the baroque St. Bartholomew´s church. After visiting the church we continue to the Obersee lake.

There is a number of tourist trails.
The trip takes all day.


The glens offers a walk along almost 30 footpaths and a few waterfalls.
The last waterfall is 144 metres high. The trail is 3 kilometres long (takes approx.1,5 hour).


This mountain chalet of the Nazi leader was built in 1937 as a present to Hitler´s 50th birthday.
The complex of buildings was very unique and technologically interesting at that time. Thanks to its location you can enjoy amazing views of beautiful mountains. There is a 7 kilometres long road with 5 tunnels leading to the mountain chalet. Kehlsteinhaus is the destination of many tourists from all over the world. The trip takes all day.